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Abhigyan Online which is the name of best quality, hard work and best results is moving towards change in itself and this institute is now moving from "Study to Administration".

Abhigyan Online, which was established in the year 2011, has made itself a place with a lot of competition over time, as a result of which this institute is to be seen as a “future builder” rather than a coaching “institution”. This institute has provided successful guidance to the candidates for competitive examinations since the year 2011 and the institution has changed itself according to the changing examinations with time and this is the result.

From study to administration….

General of administration means Rajasthan Administrative Service which is an indicator of the highest service of Rajasthan as well as the prestige in the society.

The statistics of this examination show that fifty percent of the selected students are those who do not have a first division degree. After seeing these figures, a question naturally arises in the mind whether about four to five lakh students apply for the RAS examination, out of which even one thousand students are not those who have been toppers or at least Have you been in the first division? Surely their number is several thousand. So why does it happen that these toppers get out of the list and only the second and third division get a place in that list? It's not like it's a coincidence that you might call it a "skinny break after a cat". The RAS exam does not seem to bother and let's assume that even if it happens sometimes, it will not work at fifty percent.

This clearly proves the fact that it is the second and third division students and students who have adapted themselves to the competitive examination. The toppers and those who could not make it to the first division were the students who continued to appear in the RAS exam according to the pattern of the university exam and got out of the list.

During the preparation of RAS, you should never neglect this truth – whether it is a book written by an author or any coaching institute. You can increase and decrease many times. If you have already decided to become RAS then welcome to this biggest country of the state. I wish you all the best and pray to the almighty to keep your patience, your confidence and your enthusiasm for a long time.

Coaching means 'guidance', discipline is necessary for great work, coaching institutes work to put you in discipline. Class time is fixed. By following all these, your daily routine becomes limited. Surely its benefit comes in preparation. Coaching is a strong team of teachers. In which subject experts of different subjects try to sharpen your knowledge edge. Your determination that you believe in your teachers and come to their classes regularly, study them with concentration. It is a team work in which the role of each subject matter expert is important.

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